About Loam Yoga

Loam Yoga is a boutique studio nestled in the forest of Anmore, close to Port Moody and Coquitlam, and within the Greater Vancouver BC area. We are focused on delivering yoga practices that connect, strengthen and restore your body and your mind.

This beautiful and tranquil setting is the perfect place to connect with your inner peace.  The studio is well-appointed, creating a lovely environment that will appeal to all five of your senses. 

At Loam Yoga we provide a welcoming, down-to-earth place to practice yoga. Specializing in smaller classes, you receive more individual attention than at larger studios. Offering a variety of classes ranging from Flow, Core, Strengthening, Grounding & Relaxing to Customized Private yoga classes, you are able to find the class that suits your needs.  

At Loam Yoga you develop a deeper connection with yourself and with others in your community. You gain strength and flexibility for both your body and mind. Let Loam Yoga be your place to connect, restore, and strengthen.


Yoga helps us build deeper connections to our bodies, intuition, environment, and to others; it enhances our relationships and makes them more meaningful.  Loam Yoga is a welcoming and intimate community-based studio. It is a place to create positive connections with like-minded individuals. Studies show, the more connected we are with ourselves and with others, the happier and healthier we become! 


Yoga uses both isometric and eccentric contractions to simultaneously strengthen a muscle as it stretches, creating functional strength that assists us in everyday activities like bending over, lifting, walking, sitting down and standing up. Yoga relies on your own body as the "weight" and targets smaller stabilizing muscles that are often overlooked in traditional weight training. It is an excellent complement to other activities and sports. The true benefit of yoga lies beyond the physical. Yoga is not a "workout"; it is a "work in". Yoga strengthens us on all levels (physical, emotional and mental) enabling us to deal with all of life's challenges. 


Yoga strengthens and trains our nervous system to deal with stressful situations. By relaxing and stretching your muscles, practicing slow deep breaths, and learning how to calm your mind via simple meditative techniques, you restore your body and mind and come into a more peaceful state.  Let Loam Yoga be your place to restore and rejuvenate.


Our program includes a variety of yoga practices (with a focus on hatha, flow, therapeutic  and core asanas).  Find out more about our yoga classes here.  

Loam Yoga is also officially affiliated with Lululemon. The studio has been vetted and approved as a place of choice for its employees to come and practice yoga.

Check out our yoga class schedule and reserve your place through our online registration.