Loam Yoga Photo Shoot #2

Here are a few more cute ones of the family “modelling” our Loam Yoga gear. The two tanks are displayed on Alene and me. 10% of all sales goes to the Tri-Cities Homelessness Task force. I will be placing the order tomorrow. Please email me if you’re interested in purchasing one.


Loam Yoga Photo Shoot

We had a lot of fun taking our family photo shoot in our Loam Yoga wear this past weekend!! So this is what you get when you ask your young son (9) to orchestrate your “free” shoot.

I love this one of my husband Darin. He looks like a Loam Yoga superhero! Wish I was clever with words. How would you caption this one? Add your comments below please.


Loam Yoga Merchandise has arrived! Check out these great tanks, Ts and water bottles!

The Loam Yoga merchandise arrived on my doorstep just the other day. As I opened the box, I was a little nervous that they might not turn out the way I hoped.  I am very pleased to report they look great! Thank you so much to the lovely and talented Anna Oldfield for designing such a beautiful new logo for Loam. She is equally as talented a designer as she is a yoga teacher. 

There is so much depth and meaning in this logo. You'll notice the mandala incorporates aspects of nature via earthly colours and leaf symbols.   Anna beautifully integrated key qualities of Loam Yoga into the logo: our connection to nature, our connection to community, and our connection to our deeper and higher self. 

Mandala is Sanskrit and represents "circles". It  symbolizes unity and harmony and wholeness of self.  The mandala aligns beautifully with Loam Yoga's mission statement of being a place to Connect, Strengthen and Restore.  

- Connect -  

As outlined on the main page of our website, yoga helps us build deeper connections to our bodies, intuition, environment, and to others; it enhances our relationships and makes them more meaningful.  

Loam Yoga is a welcoming and intimate community-based studio. It is a place to create positive connections with like-minded individuals. Studies show, the more connected we are with ourselves and with others, the happier and healthier we become! 

Thank you for the wonderful community and connection you have created at Loam Yoga! 

~ Let's wear our Loam Yoga tanks for celebrate the connection and community we have created ~

I've been wearing the Loam Yoga thanks in class and many have been interested in purchasing. I thought you might be interested as well so I am decided to email you with all the options available. 

I will be placing a group purchase by November 27th.  Please take a look at the options below. If you are interested in purchasing, please email me (loamyoga@gmail.com) with your details on or before November 27th. 

~ Community Connection ~

Aligning with the goal of community connection, Loam Yoga will be donating 10% of all proceeds to the Tri-Cities Homelessness and HousingTask Force. The lovely Polly Krier, fellow Loam Yogini and Anmore Councillor is a key member of this task force. I will be coordinating with Polly to get the donations to them in time for Christmas.  

As you review the products and pricing, please keep in mind that Loam Yoga is a small studio that does not receive volume discount wholesale pricing.  The price point selected  essentially covers the cost to produce the product with only $2-3 profit after 10% is given to charity.

Option 1: Racerback Tank  flowy-fit (S,M,L, XL) (White, Grey or Black) - Price $30


Option 2: Burnout Tank slim-fit (S,M, L, XL) (White or Black) - Price $30  


Option 3: Men's T (S,M, L, XL) (White, Grey or Black) - Price $27


Option 4: Women's Light Weight Hoodie (S,M, L, XL) (Heather Grey) - Price $37


Option 5: Water Bottle (White) - Price $25 


Stay tuned for really fun Hughes Family photoshoot, pictures courtesy of my young son Cayden! They are quite funny! 

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this article.



Summer Program 2018

Summer Challenge Details


Over the summer months, some of us find it hard to remain committed to our wellness regimes. You have worked so hard to develop a strong yoga practice and are likely experiencing the many amazing benefits of yoga. I would love to see you keep with it over July and August. To help keep us committed to our yoga practice, we have developed a fun and motivational program called Loam Yoga's Summer Challenge! 


We ran a similar program the last two year and had a lot of fun with it! Many of you were able to remain committed to your practice and I hope to have even more join the program this year! 


Improvements from Last Year


Shorter Duration! Based on the school calendar and Loam Yoga closures, the summer challenge will  run for just  8 weeks . To be part of the challenge you only need to commit to attending 6 classes over the summer! Easy peasy right!?!? You can definitely do that!   


Weekday Morning Classes! Loam Yoga will also be offering 1 weekday morning class! Flow and Restore will run Thursday mornings9:30-10:30 am. 


Increased Variety of Evening Classes!  Monday evenings Loam Yoga is offering  Yoga for Grounding, Flexibility, and Relaxation. Tuesday evening Loam Yoga is offering Strong and Steady Flow and Thursday evening Hatha Flow and Core Connection. 


          Pop online to check out the schedule. http://www.loamyoga.com/schedule/


Free PopUp Classes! Keep your eyes open for free garden yoga offered Saturday mornings this summer! 

Details of Loam Yoga's Weeks of Summer Program

  • Duration: July 3rd - August 31st (Note closuresJuly 23-27)
  • Commitment: Simply commit to attend 5 classes over the 7 week period. (That is less than 1 class a week! Come on - you can do that, right?!?)
  • Incentive: In addition to all the wonderful benefits of a consistent yoga practice, you will be awarded with prizes  (who doesn't love prizes?!?!) and bragging rights (he,he) for your commitment. A poster board will be displayed on the yoga studio wall with all participants names. Each time you attend a class, place a star by your name. The top participants will win prizes. 
  • Register: Email me by June 30th to register. Book your classes in advance at www.loamyoga.com
  • Wrap Up Social: At the end of the program, I would to like celebrate with a little social event at my home. There will be drinks and appies. Please let me know your availability for late afternoon on Sept 1st.If most people are away (this is the long weekend) we can hold the event on Sept 8th.  The prizes will be awarded at the social. It will be a lovely opportunity to get to know your fellow yogis and community members! 

Please consider joining us for this fun and motivational summer program! 

Referral Promotion

Objective (Connect):  Loam Yoga is a welcoming and intimate community-based studio. It is a place to create positive connections with like-minded individuals. Studies show, the more connected we are with ourselves and with others, the happier and healthier we become! Many of you have already created (or enhanced existing connections) by practicing yoga together. Why not invite friends to Loam Yoga who are either (1) new to yoga or (2) do not have a preferred studio to practice. It could be a win-win; you not only get to share your time together, but also the positive benefits of yoga! 

Details: Over the month of January, Loam Yoga will be running a referral promotion. Simply invite a friend to attend a class for FREE at Loam Yoga. They can choose to attend with you (which is a great way to enhance connection) or on their own. Ask your connection to mention your name when they arrive for their free class.  I will record your name on my blog and to the bulletin board in the studio.  At the end of the month the person with the most referrals wins! The winner can choose from one of the following gifts:

  1. A complimentary private yoga session valued at $70
  2. $50 off your punch pass / card of choice
  • Note, if there is a tie I will place the names into the singing bowl and do a blind fold draw to select the winner. 


Results Thus Far:

  • Darleen -
    • Claire December 28 
      • Madeline - Jan 14
      • Kyla - Jan 21
      • Marissa - Jan 29
  • Mairead -
    • Suzanne Jan 4
    • Rosemary Jan 4
  • Polly Krier
    • Catherine Ackerman

Christmas Client Appreciation Event at Loam Yoga

There is no better time than the holidays to offer you our heartfelt thank you. Your loyalty as a customer is greatly appreciated. As a small token of our appreciation, please join us at one of the following events*:

  • Dec 14th ( 9:30-11:00 am) 1 hr Flow& Restore followed by veggies, hummus and refreshments

  • Dec 16th (9:30-11:00 am) 1 hr Hatha Flow & Core Connection followed by coffee and energizing treats to start your day off right!

  • Dec 17th (7:00-8:30) 1 hr Candlelight Yoga followed by chamomile tea and sleep inducing baked goods to help you distress over the holidays 


Blankets are not just for Shavasana at Loam Yoga!

If you ever come to my classes, you know one of my favourite things for shavasana is to place a blanket over my students for deeper grounding and relaxation. This week, we used the blankets in an unique way to work the core. Check out this video for some fun and innovative ways to strengthen your core. (My lovely daughter helped me video. Please disregard that my head is cut off from time to time ;-))

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

This week in our Hatha Flow class we worked on opening the heart chakra (Anahata 4th chakra). We used straps to pull the elbows back in Tadasana and feel the energizing and uplifting effects of this pose. Allowing the heart to shine and be open can produce feelings of confidence and pride. Check out this TED talk to learn more about how the way we hold our body not only effects our personal energy, but also the way other perceive us. 




Introducing Anjanette Sims

Hello all!! I am very excited to have the lovely Anjanette sub  me over the summer. I hope you can attend her classes! She specializes in gentle hatha and restorative yoga.  Summer is an excellent time to include a little more relaxation into your routine, so make sure to check out her classes.  She will be subbing for me this Wednesday morning, this Thursday evening and on August 29th. 

Anjanette is lovely, kind person with a deep interest  in the philosophy of yoga. Please take a read of her bio on my site - http://www.loamyoga.com/yoga-instructors/

Pop online to register for classes - https://app.punchpass.net/org/1591/classes



Introducing Anna! She'll be subbing at Loam Yoga over the summer!

Hello all!! I am very excited to have the lovely Anna sub some of my classes for me over the summer. I hope you can attend her classes! She is a very talented teacher, with lots of experience! We are lucky to have her teaching at Loam Yoga - our boutique studio in nature!  Please take a read of her bio. Pop online to see which classes she will be teaching this summer - https://app.punchpass.net/org/1591/classes

Anna lives in the Heritage Woods, Port Moody has been practicing yoga for over two decades and has been teaching since 2009. During that time she has taught public classes at Yyoga, facilitated workshops, hosted local/international retreats and been a Lululemon Ambassador. 

In 2011/12 she received her 300hr Vinyasa training with Clara Roberts-Oss. Throughout the years she has trained and practiced with a wide range of local and international teachers. As a student Anna has deep gratitude for all of her teachers including Patrick Creelman, Ana Forest, Kristin Campbell, Baron Baptiste to name a few.

She currently teaches flow/vinyasa public yoga classes at Yyoga. Anna is also trained to teach Hot, Restorative, Power and Hatha Yoga.

When not teaching, she can be found working as a graphic designer, traveling with her husband and 2 steps kids and hiking the local mountains.

The Power of Self Acceptance

What would it take to love you more and feel more loved by others? Self-acceptance is a powerful practice that allows the ego to be transformed. Self-love allows the ego to loosen while resistance to the ego only feeds the ego. Judging yourself keeps you from accepting love from others. Through self-acceptance you can experience more love in your life.

To learn to accept yourself, you first have to be aware of how you reject yourself. Think about the parts of yourself that you wish you could change because you think it would make you more acceptable, more lovable or more worthy. Maybe it is your judgmental mind, your neediness, your craving for recognition, your sadness, your isolation, your doubts, your avoidance of pain, your intensity, or your desire to be selfish. What do you reject the most in yourself?

Another way to become of aware of how you reject yourself and separate from others is by taking note of the people that seem to irritate you and ask yourself: What is it that they are mirroring for you? What you reject in others is what you are rejecting in yourself.

Resisting yourself uses a lot of energy and traps you in automatic habits and patterns. You end up unconsciously sabotaging what you really want because you believe you don’t deserve it.  What would you be doing if you weren't rejecting who you really are and what you really want?

Read more at - http://www.goconscious.com/home/articles/the_power_of_self_acceptance.html

Ayurveda & Yoga: A New Service Offering at Loam Yoga!

I am so pleased and honoured to have received the Ayurveda & Yoga teacher certification. The certification is proudly displayed displayed at Loam Yoga alongside my yoga teacher training  from Kushala. With this certification, I can confidently integrate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda into my yoga classes. Like yoga, Ayurveda dates back thousands of years. It is an ancient healing modality that teaches us how to live in harmony with nature by suggesting lifestyle practices that bring balance and promote optimal health. When the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda are combined, you don't have to mold yourself to suit the yoga class, but rather the yoga class is uniquely designed to who you are and what you need. The result is a yoga practice that provides healing, peace, and long-term transformation. 

I am very excited to offer Ayurvedic Yoga classes out of Loam Yoga. My first group series begins June 18th. Please click on this link for more details - https://app.punchpass.net/org/1591/series/1269. 

I am also offering Private classes. Visit loamyoga.com for details.

Happy Mother's Day from Loam Yoga

I just loved this quote from Susan Hallum and felt impelled to share this very important message. This Mother's Day please take the time to appreciate the very important role mothers play. If you are a mom yourself, take the time to honour all that you do. We all have mothers, so please take the time today (and everyday) to pause, reflect, and acknowledge all that your mother has done for you. 

The importance of mothers
Mother's Day Yoga

Thanks to all of you who were able to join us for Mother's Day Yoga yesterday. Alene and I really enjoyed guiding you through your 75 minute workshop. Below is a very interesting article from mindbodygreen.com about how yoga can make us better moms/parents. 

Being a parent is beautiful, scary, rewarding and amazing. It is such a personal experience, and its meaning and impact are different for everyone. But, for most it is an ever-changing journey.


Much of the same can be said for my growing love and dedication to the practice of yoga. Maybe that's why these two powerful forces have begun to overflow into each other, humbling me, constant with lessons that bring more joy at times than I can believe.


From being more present to how I manage my days and just plain feeling happier, yoga has taught me some amazing lessons:


1. Yoga makes me slow down, be more aware and in the moment.


Coming from a background of aerobics and running, I was used to exercise being about pushing myself to be faster or go harder. For yoga, I had to really train my body and mind to slow down, to focus in a calm way and be completely present in the moment. This same mindfulness helps me be more present for my son, to notice and appreciate the fun moments in our day and enjoy simple pleasures like periods of quiet when they come. I can also take a step back from the nagging to-do list and the “go go go” mentality that’s so common.


2. I've learned to stay open when things get tough.


Practicing difficult or challenging poses has given me a new understanding of how my body reacts to stress and discomfort. Being able to bring that awareness to everyday life situations like dealing with a cranky, tired toddler and helping my son with his own frustrations has been invaluable. If I am tense, frustrated and angry, he feels that too. When I focus on relaxing instead of tensing up and approach situations with the intention to stay open, things can feel easier and go much smoother – on and off the mat.


3. The difficult moments do not last.


When I stay with a pose, arms shaking, muscles strong and hold for one more breath before releasing into a rewarding bend, I always feel stronger for it. It's a great reminder and one I deeply appreciate; the difficult moments do not last. The only constant is change. Tough poses, bad days, bad moods, nights of little sleepspent in a rocking chair with a sick child or stress from defusing the fifth tantrum of the day, it's all just passing weather. Knowing these moments are only temporary can help remove their power to cause dread or fear.


4. Every day is different and that's okay.


Even when repeating some of my favorite asanas, every day of my practice is different. Some days are flowing; my body seems to just know what to do and performs without much effort. Others, I'm wobbly and muscles complain more than cooperate. But, I stick with it, and I'm always glad I did. I learn that I can't control everything, even my own body and practice. I just have to let go and do my best. Any mother will tell you: the unexpected and unpredictable become the norm after you have children. Every day is different, not always easy and never perfect – and it's all okay. None of it means failure; it's all a journey.


5. You don't have to be perfect; you just have to show up.


Women tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves, especially when it comes to being a parent. When you have a baby, no one gives you a book with all the answers, but many times, we expect to know exactly what to do at all times and how to handle any situation that arises flawlessly. This just isn't possible, and it's a huge relief to realize and embrace. Within motherhood and yoga, I am always a student, trying to stay open to the lessons of the moment and possibilities all around us.


Just when I think I've got everything down, I realize I don't. And it's a beautiful feeling.

I'd love to hear how yoga has helped you be your best mom/parent. Please leave a comment below. 


Couples Yoga at Loam

In celebrate of Valentine's Day, Loam Yoga offered two couples yoga workshops on Feb 18th. We had so much fun! See some of the pictures below. Many of the participants suggested running this workshop monthly at Loam. I thought, why not?!? Who says we need Valentine's Day as an excuse to connect with our partners? 

So...why not try something different and have some fun with your partner? In this 75 minute workshop style class you and your partner will warm the body up with flow style yoga. We will then experiment with some partner yoga poses for good fun and guaranteed bonding. We will also do some great relaxation techniques (breath work and guided meditation) and end with a lovely shavasana.  We will also be serving a "love potion" tea straight from NYC! Just in case your partner needs a little extra incentive to come and do yoga with ya 😉   


- Saturday March 18th 3:30-4:45 pm 

- $25 per couple 

Register online. 

Tree Pose - So fun to balance with each other!
Stack your plank or do it side by side for a strength challenge!
Try a flying Warrior 3 or do it side by side
Tree Pose

Dr. Emoto's study on the impact of words/thoughts on water

This interesting study demonstrates the impact our thoughts can have on our bodies and overall well-being. I encourage you to take a few minutes to view this video and share your thoughts. Watch the You Tube video here.

This week at Loam Yoga, we will be integrating the concept of consciously choosing positive words and feelings as we flow through our asana practice. Visit www.loamyoga.com to learn more.


How words/thoughts effect the growth and vitality of plants

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” Joyce Meyer, Author

The average human has about 60,000 thoughts in a given day. It is estimated that 98% of those thoughts are repetitive and 80% of those thoughts are negative.  This interesting article highlights findings of how words and thoughts effect the vitality and growth of plants. Read more here - http://therightstripes.com/the-damaging-effects-of-negative-thinking/