The Power of Self Acceptance

What would it take to love you more and feel more loved by others? Self-acceptance is a powerful practice that allows the ego to be transformed. Self-love allows the ego to loosen while resistance to the ego only feeds the ego. Judging yourself keeps you from accepting love from others. Through self-acceptance you can experience more love in your life.

To learn to accept yourself, you first have to be aware of how you reject yourself. Think about the parts of yourself that you wish you could change because you think it would make you more acceptable, more lovable or more worthy. Maybe it is your judgmental mind, your neediness, your craving for recognition, your sadness, your isolation, your doubts, your avoidance of pain, your intensity, or your desire to be selfish. What do you reject the most in yourself?

Another way to become of aware of how you reject yourself and separate from others is by taking note of the people that seem to irritate you and ask yourself: What is it that they are mirroring for you? What you reject in others is what you are rejecting in yourself.

Resisting yourself uses a lot of energy and traps you in automatic habits and patterns. You end up unconsciously sabotaging what you really want because you believe you don’t deserve it.  What would you be doing if you weren't rejecting who you really are and what you really want?

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