Referral Promotion

Objective (Connect):  Loam Yoga is a welcoming and intimate community-based studio. It is a place to create positive connections with like-minded individuals. Studies show, the more connected we are with ourselves and with others, the happier and healthier we become! Many of you have already created (or enhanced existing connections) by practicing yoga together. Why not invite friends to Loam Yoga who are either (1) new to yoga or (2) do not have a preferred studio to practice. It could be a win-win; you not only get to share your time together, but also the positive benefits of yoga! 

Details: Over the month of January, Loam Yoga will be running a referral promotion. Simply invite a friend to attend a class for FREE at Loam Yoga. They can choose to attend with you (which is a great way to enhance connection) or on their own. Ask your connection to mention your name when they arrive for their free class.  I will record your name on my blog and to the bulletin board in the studio.  At the end of the month the person with the most referrals wins! The winner can choose from one of the following gifts:

  1. A complimentary private yoga session valued at $70
  2. $50 off your punch pass / card of choice
  • Note, if there is a tie I will place the names into the singing bowl and do a blind fold draw to select the winner. 


Results Thus Far:

  • Darleen -
    • Claire December 28 
      • Madeline - Jan 14
      • Kyla - Jan 21
      • Marissa - Jan 29
  • Mairead -
    • Suzanne Jan 4
    • Rosemary Jan 4
  • Polly Krier
    • Catherine Ackerman