Summer Program 2018

Summer Challenge Details


Over the summer months, some of us find it hard to remain committed to our wellness regimes. You have worked so hard to develop a strong yoga practice and are likely experiencing the many amazing benefits of yoga. I would love to see you keep with it over July and August. To help keep us committed to our yoga practice, we have developed a fun and motivational program called Loam Yoga's Summer Challenge! 


We ran a similar program the last two year and had a lot of fun with it! Many of you were able to remain committed to your practice and I hope to have even more join the program this year! 


Improvements from Last Year


Shorter Duration! Based on the school calendar and Loam Yoga closures, the summer challenge will  run for just  8 weeks . To be part of the challenge you only need to commit to attending 6 classes over the summer! Easy peasy right!?!? You can definitely do that!   


Weekday Morning Classes! Loam Yoga will also be offering 1 weekday morning class! Flow and Restore will run Thursday mornings9:30-10:30 am. 


Increased Variety of Evening Classes!  Monday evenings Loam Yoga is offering  Yoga for Grounding, Flexibility, and Relaxation. Tuesday evening Loam Yoga is offering Strong and Steady Flow and Thursday evening Hatha Flow and Core Connection. 


          Pop online to check out the schedule.


Free PopUp Classes! Keep your eyes open for free garden yoga offered Saturday mornings this summer! 

Details of Loam Yoga's Weeks of Summer Program

  • Duration: July 3rd - August 31st (Note closuresJuly 23-27)
  • Commitment: Simply commit to attend 5 classes over the 7 week period. (That is less than 1 class a week! Come on - you can do that, right?!?)
  • Incentive: In addition to all the wonderful benefits of a consistent yoga practice, you will be awarded with prizes  (who doesn't love prizes?!?!) and bragging rights (he,he) for your commitment. A poster board will be displayed on the yoga studio wall with all participants names. Each time you attend a class, place a star by your name. The top participants will win prizes. 
  • Register: Email me by June 30th to register. Book your classes in advance at
  • Wrap Up Social: At the end of the program, I would to like celebrate with a little social event at my home. There will be drinks and appies. Please let me know your availability for late afternoon on Sept 1st.If most people are away (this is the long weekend) we can hold the event on Sept 8th.  The prizes will be awarded at the social. It will be a lovely opportunity to get to know your fellow yogis and community members! 

Please consider joining us for this fun and motivational summer program!