Couples Yoga at Loam

In celebrate of Valentine's Day, Loam Yoga offered two couples yoga workshops on Feb 18th. We had so much fun! See some of the pictures below. Many of the participants suggested running this workshop monthly at Loam. I thought, why not?!? Who says we need Valentine's Day as an excuse to connect with our partners? 

So...why not try something different and have some fun with your partner? In this 75 minute workshop style class you and your partner will warm the body up with flow style yoga. We will then experiment with some partner yoga poses for good fun and guaranteed bonding. We will also do some great relaxation techniques (breath work and guided meditation) and end with a lovely shavasana.  We will also be serving a "love potion" tea straight from NYC! Just in case your partner needs a little extra incentive to come and do yoga with ya 😉   


- Saturday March 18th 3:30-4:45 pm 

- $25 per couple 

Register online. 

Tree Pose - So fun to balance with each other!
Stack your plank or do it side by side for a strength challenge!
Try a flying Warrior 3 or do it side by side
Tree Pose

Dr. Emoto's study on the impact of words/thoughts on water

This interesting study demonstrates the impact our thoughts can have on our bodies and overall well-being. I encourage you to take a few minutes to view this video and share your thoughts. Watch the You Tube video here.

This week at Loam Yoga, we will be integrating the concept of consciously choosing positive words and feelings as we flow through our asana practice. Visit to learn more.


How words/thoughts effect the growth and vitality of plants

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” Joyce Meyer, Author

The average human has about 60,000 thoughts in a given day. It is estimated that 98% of those thoughts are repetitive and 80% of those thoughts are negative.  This interesting article highlights findings of how words and thoughts effect the vitality and growth of plants. Read more here -