Ayurveda & Yoga: A New Service Offering at Loam Yoga!

I am so pleased and honoured to have received the Ayurveda & Yoga teacher certification. The certification is proudly displayed displayed at Loam Yoga alongside my yoga teacher training  from Kushala. With this certification, I can confidently integrate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda into my yoga classes. Like yoga, Ayurveda dates back thousands of years. It is an ancient healing modality that teaches us how to live in harmony with nature by suggesting lifestyle practices that bring balance and promote optimal health. When the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda are combined, you don't have to mold yourself to suit the yoga class, but rather the yoga class is uniquely designed to who you are and what you need. The result is a yoga practice that provides healing, peace, and long-term transformation. 

I am very excited to offer Ayurvedic Yoga classes out of Loam Yoga. My first group series begins June 18th. Please click on this link for more details - https://app.punchpass.net/org/1591/series/1269. 

I am also offering Private classes. Visit loamyoga.com for details.

How words/thoughts effect the growth and vitality of plants

“You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.” Joyce Meyer, Author

The average human has about 60,000 thoughts in a given day. It is estimated that 98% of those thoughts are repetitive and 80% of those thoughts are negative.  This interesting article highlights findings of how words and thoughts effect the vitality and growth of plants. Read more here - http://therightstripes.com/the-damaging-effects-of-negative-thinking/