Ayurveda & Yoga: A New Service Offering at Loam Yoga!

I am so pleased and honoured to have received the Ayurveda & Yoga teacher certification. The certification is proudly displayed displayed at Loam Yoga alongside my yoga teacher training  from Kushala. With this certification, I can confidently integrate the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda into my yoga classes. Like yoga, Ayurveda dates back thousands of years. It is an ancient healing modality that teaches us how to live in harmony with nature by suggesting lifestyle practices that bring balance and promote optimal health. When the ancient wisdom of yoga and Ayurveda are combined, you don't have to mold yourself to suit the yoga class, but rather the yoga class is uniquely designed to who you are and what you need. The result is a yoga practice that provides healing, peace, and long-term transformation. 

I am very excited to offer Ayurvedic Yoga classes out of Loam Yoga. My first group series begins June 18th. Please click on this link for more details - https://app.punchpass.net/org/1591/series/1269. 

I am also offering Private classes. Visit loamyoga.com for details.

Happy Mother's Day from Loam Yoga

I just loved this quote from Susan Hallum and felt impelled to share this very important message. This Mother's Day please take the time to appreciate the very important role mothers play. If you are a mom yourself, take the time to honour all that you do. We all have mothers, so please take the time today (and everyday) to pause, reflect, and acknowledge all that your mother has done for you. 

The importance of mothers
Mother's Day Yoga

Thanks to all of you who were able to join us for Mother's Day Yoga yesterday. Alene and I really enjoyed guiding you through your 75 minute workshop. Below is a very interesting article from mindbodygreen.com about how yoga can make us better moms/parents. 

Being a parent is beautiful, scary, rewarding and amazing. It is such a personal experience, and its meaning and impact are different for everyone. But, for most it is an ever-changing journey.


Much of the same can be said for my growing love and dedication to the practice of yoga. Maybe that's why these two powerful forces have begun to overflow into each other, humbling me, constant with lessons that bring more joy at times than I can believe.


From being more present to how I manage my days and just plain feeling happier, yoga has taught me some amazing lessons:


1. Yoga makes me slow down, be more aware and in the moment.


Coming from a background of aerobics and running, I was used to exercise being about pushing myself to be faster or go harder. For yoga, I had to really train my body and mind to slow down, to focus in a calm way and be completely present in the moment. This same mindfulness helps me be more present for my son, to notice and appreciate the fun moments in our day and enjoy simple pleasures like periods of quiet when they come. I can also take a step back from the nagging to-do list and the “go go go” mentality that’s so common.


2. I've learned to stay open when things get tough.


Practicing difficult or challenging poses has given me a new understanding of how my body reacts to stress and discomfort. Being able to bring that awareness to everyday life situations like dealing with a cranky, tired toddler and helping my son with his own frustrations has been invaluable. If I am tense, frustrated and angry, he feels that too. When I focus on relaxing instead of tensing up and approach situations with the intention to stay open, things can feel easier and go much smoother – on and off the mat.


3. The difficult moments do not last.


When I stay with a pose, arms shaking, muscles strong and hold for one more breath before releasing into a rewarding bend, I always feel stronger for it. It's a great reminder and one I deeply appreciate; the difficult moments do not last. The only constant is change. Tough poses, bad days, bad moods, nights of little sleepspent in a rocking chair with a sick child or stress from defusing the fifth tantrum of the day, it's all just passing weather. Knowing these moments are only temporary can help remove their power to cause dread or fear.


4. Every day is different and that's okay.


Even when repeating some of my favorite asanas, every day of my practice is different. Some days are flowing; my body seems to just know what to do and performs without much effort. Others, I'm wobbly and muscles complain more than cooperate. But, I stick with it, and I'm always glad I did. I learn that I can't control everything, even my own body and practice. I just have to let go and do my best. Any mother will tell you: the unexpected and unpredictable become the norm after you have children. Every day is different, not always easy and never perfect – and it's all okay. None of it means failure; it's all a journey.


5. You don't have to be perfect; you just have to show up.


Women tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves, especially when it comes to being a parent. When you have a baby, no one gives you a book with all the answers, but many times, we expect to know exactly what to do at all times and how to handle any situation that arises flawlessly. This just isn't possible, and it's a huge relief to realize and embrace. Within motherhood and yoga, I am always a student, trying to stay open to the lessons of the moment and possibilities all around us.


Just when I think I've got everything down, I realize I don't. And it's a beautiful feeling.

I'd love to hear how yoga has helped you be your best mom/parent. Please leave a comment below. 


Couples Yoga at Loam

In celebrate of Valentine's Day, Loam Yoga offered two couples yoga workshops on Feb 18th. We had so much fun! See some of the pictures below. Many of the participants suggested running this workshop monthly at Loam. I thought, why not?!? Who says we need Valentine's Day as an excuse to connect with our partners? 

So...why not try something different and have some fun with your partner? In this 75 minute workshop style class you and your partner will warm the body up with flow style yoga. We will then experiment with some partner yoga poses for good fun and guaranteed bonding. We will also do some great relaxation techniques (breath work and guided meditation) and end with a lovely shavasana.  We will also be serving a "love potion" tea straight from NYC! Just in case your partner needs a little extra incentive to come and do yoga with ya 😉   


- Saturday March 18th 3:30-4:45 pm 

- $25 per couple 

Register online. 

Tree Pose - So fun to balance with each other!
Stack your plank or do it side by side for a strength challenge!
Try a flying Warrior 3 or do it side by side
Tree Pose