Yoga Instructors – A Commitment to Leading and Learning


Anthea Hughes

Hi, I am Anthea! I am a dedicated wife, mother, yoga teacher and fitness enthusiast with a passion for self-discovery and development. I am the proud owner of Loam Yoga and the primary instructor.

I attended my first yoga class in 2001 after moving from Toronto to Chicago. Dealing with a multitude of life changes and the stresses of my demanding career in Finance and IT, I sought out yoga as a way to help me relax and heal my stressed body and mind. I still remember how light and undeniably changed I felt after my first yoga class. The holistic benefits of yoga were immediately clear to me and I have been practicing ever since.

As my yoga practice deepened, I felt the desire to share with others the peace, flexibility, and balance that yoga brought to my life. A few years after leaving the corporate world to be home with my young children, I pursued my dream of becoming a yoga teacher. Being well aware of the effects of stress on the body, I aim to provide a yoga practice where students can relax and relieve tension while at the same time building their strength and flexibility. I am a very active person and enjoy many other forms of physical activity, especially in nature. I practice yoga daily to keep both my mind and body flexible and strong.

I am a real “people person” and love getting to know my students. I look forward to practicing yoga with you soon!


I am a registered yoga teacher (RYT) and completed my training at Kushala Yoga, Port Moody in 2014. I love the study and practice of yoga and aim to update my skills often. I have had the pleasure of attending focused workshops with these highly renowned yoga teachers.

Janet Stone, Leo Cheung, Michael Stone, Pedro Franco, Zain Saraswati Jamal


I have been teaching yoga since early 2015. In this short period of time, I have had the great privilege of teaching at some great locations.

Yoga Studios: Yoga Spirit, Kukoon Yoga, Yoga Generation, and Kushala Yoga

Corporate Clients: Samsung, Ministry of Transportation, Clio, and Trane

Loam Yoga is extremely honoured and proud to have some of the tri-cities finest yoga teachers offering weekly classes.


Anna Oldfield

Loam Yoga is very lucky to have Anna teaching two classes. Anna lives in the Heritage Woods, Port Moody has been practicing yoga for over two decades and has been teaching since 2009. During that time she has taught public classes at Yyoga, facilitated workshops, hosted local/international retreats and been a Lululemon Ambassador.

In 2011/12 she received her 300hr Vinyasa training with Clara Roberts-Oss. Throughout the years she has trained and practiced with a wide range of local and international teachers. As a student Anna has deep gratitude for all of her teachers including Patrick Creelman, Ana Forest, Kristin Campbell, Baron Baptiste to name a few.

She currently teaches flow/vinyasa public yoga classes at Yyoga. Anna is also trained to teach Hot, Restorative, Power and Hatha Yoga.

When not teaching, she can be found working as a graphic designer, traveling with her husband and 2 steps kids and hiking the local mountains.


Tanya Harmon

In 2002, Tanya first discovered yoga as an excellent complement to her active lifestyle as a mother of teenage boys and a marathon runner. After many years of dipping in and out of various styles of yoga, her practice evolved, much as her life has, to a much slower, gentler pace. In 2015, after suffering through physical and emotional pain, Tanya found relief through Restorative Therapeutic Yoga. In gratitude she pursued certifications in the practices that were so instrumental in her own healing -- primarily Gentle Somatic Yoga and Restorative Alignment. Tanya also holds certifications in Hatha, Yin Yoga, and has studies Tensegrity Repair Series, and Trauma Informed Approach to Yoga.

"I feel so privileged at the end of each class to witness a group of adults, lying on the ground, eyes closed in deep relaxation. To hold space for people to slow down and tend to their well-being is truly an honour."

Tanya takes a restorative and therapeutic approach to all of her classes, offering opportunities for deep relaxation, unwinding muscular tension and strengthening the mind-body connection

Anjanette Sims

Loam Yoga is equally luck to have Anjanette Sims subbing classes. She has completed 400 hours of Yoga teacher trainings. 200 hours with Prana Yoga in 2008 and 200 hours with Kushala Yoga in 2012. She is an eterrnal student and loves to take courses and workshops when ever possible.

She has had a life long love affair of spiritual development, and from a very young age was working with crystals, tarot and energy healing. Anjanette has also studied counselling, holistic nutrition and the healing benefits of essential oils – which she uses in her daily life. These tools and her teaching experiences have led her to specialize in teaching yoga to people who have suffered traumas, addiction, depression, anxiety and PTSD.

Yoga is a sacred path. Anjanette is delighted in guiding people along this journey and tuning into the wisdom of our bodies. She hopes to see you on the mat sometime soon! Blessed be!